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Prepare Your K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa Application Online Form I-129F

Easily prepare your Application for Fiancé(e) visa ( Form I-129F) simply and accurately today! Your Fiancé(e) visa Application Package costs $199 plus USCIS Filing Fees. Our step-by-step system will assist you when completing your official USCIS application online.

Apply for a Fiancé(e) Visa with Form I-129F

We are not a government agency. purchase price does not include government filing fees. Blank forms are available with instructions for free from the USCIS. We are not a government agency or law firm. Price does not include government filing fees. Blank forms are free at USCIS. Read More Our online software allows you to complete your application for submission to the USCIS. We are not a law firm nor a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Our 24/7 customer support is for technical and billing issues, and will not answer legal questions or give legal advice. The Refund Policy is found in our Terms of Use. close

Fiancé(e) visa Form I-129F

What is the purpose of Form I-129F?

Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), may be used to petition your fiancé(e) (K-1) and their children to the United States for marriage. This form may also be used to petition your spouse and their children (K-3 & K-4 visas, respectively) to the United States to complete the process for Adjustment of Status.

What to do after fiancé(e) arrives and marriage takes place?

Once the marriage has taken place, you may begin the process to obtain Permanent Resident status. The time frame can range from six months to more than a year.

How much does it cost to file Form I-129F?

The fees associated for a Petition for K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa are as follows:
Application Assistance: $199
Application Processing: $535
Total: $834

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